Cloud Applications

Cloud applications have all the benefits of a regular database system, only freed from the typical location or device based constraints. We build bespoke, fully integrated cloud based business systems that can record and utilise all your internal business information; some of the commonly requested systems include intranets, extranets, CRM systems, document management applications and file transfer platforms.

Our systems are reverse engineered, so we begin by assessing the requirements of the system’s end user and develop a bespoke system to match current working practice, rather than trying to force process change to meet an “out of the box” solution’s capability. All of our applications are built so that they are intuitive and easy to use, with an attractive front-end interface that is aligned with your corporate branding.

We provide comprehensive support to your in-house IT team, from 24/7 technical backup for the application to training and advice to support a highly successful initial roll out of your new cloud application within the business.
For us, the brief and build process is just the first stage; we haven’t completed a project until your new
application is fully integrated and delivering value to your business.

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