Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of bespoke design and development services for a range of industries including eHealth, Fintech, eGovernment and many more, our experience, drive for innovation and bespoke solutions have given us access to opportunities and partners on a global arena.

Our development experience has covered many areas including:

  • Big Data Solution Development and Data Management
  • RTLS - RF / Low Power Mesh Network
  • e-Health - Compliance Management Solutions
  • ICAO mobile/desktop photo enrolment solutions
  • Secure System Integration - Blue-Chip, Government, Retail
  • SaaS Solution Development
  • IoT & eBanking

We’ve invested heavily in both people and process to ensure our customer experience and service delivery is second to none, combining meticulous design, robust coding and expert business acumen.

Our projects utilise the extensive skill base of our in-house team, allowing us to select the appropriate coding languages and technologies to meet your specific requirements, including scenarios for biometric enrolment, artificial intelligence, IoTand SaaS solution development.

We are huge believers in the value of effective communication and all our team members are trained to be able to facilitate excellent communication with the range of different personalities and roles that might be involved in a project. This combination of interpersonal skills means that you are able to benefit from the best of their technical expertise without having to struggle with communication issues.

Our ability to successfully manage and personally deliver every aspect of a project combined with the reliability and functionality provided by our proprietary in-house content management systems make us the ideal choice, resulting in faster turnaround and lower costs for our customers.

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